For Studio Owners - Music Program for Preschoolers

Do you own a dance studio? Would you like to expand your programming?

Studio Participation Will Skyrocket!

Grow your studio with the this innovative music program for preschoolers and young children from 18 months to 7 years of age. MUSIC FUNTIME is a great way to get music started in studios of dance, karate, & gymnastics, etc. & become a performing arts facility.

Implement this program while your studio sits idle in the morning and early afternoon hours to grow your studio profits. You will soon see the demand for evening hours for working parents.


An innovative music program for preschoolers that activates, stimulates, and utilizes the entire brain, helping the child reach their full potential!

NO Experience Necessary

You do not need a degree in music to teach this program. You don’t even need a music background!

Turnkey Program

Easy to understand step by step progressive curriculum for each level.

Protected Territory

We will not sell Music FunTime to another studio within a 10 mile radius of your studio.

Anyone with a dynamic personality who loves working with children
would be an excellent instructor for Music FunTime.
Consider what we are offering to you:

Unlimited Program Training

  • Training for studio owners, your desk staff, & teachers by Skype or Teleseminars.

Hands on training available

  • by attending the actual Music FunTime classes with students in the South Jersey Music FunTime location at no additional charge.

Structured, comprehensive, progressive music program

  • Designed to retain students for up to 4 years in the program. Our curriculum takes the instructor step by step through each class. Studios love the longevity of the students!

Specially designed materials and crafts

  • We have incorporated materials into the curriculum that Music FunTime has created for students to learn music theory in a fun artistic way. Cd’s with templates for each level of worksheets and guide sheets.

Advertising Provided

  • Templates of brochures, ads, posters, stationery, envelopes, business cards, classroom schedule records, registration forms are all designed for you customized with your studio information.

On-going Website and Maintenance

  • We add your studio to the detailed website with the pricing you want to charge for the program as well as continual updates to the site.

We have been developing this music program for preschoolers for over 10 years
and the results are nothing short of amazing.

   -  Proven Theory                         -  New Musical Games
   -  Fun and Artistic Music Crafts         -  Networking Opportunities
   -  Workshop Training                     -  One on One Consulting
   -  Payment Terms Available               -  Innovative Techniques

Community Outreach

Class excitement has proven over and over the children?s enthusiasm to look forward to weekly music classes.

Click here to download a .pdf specifying the details of our program, breaking down expenses and profits. You will need to obtain a password. You can do so by filling out the contact form on the right and we will provide you with access.

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