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Music Fun Time provided a phenomenal musical foundation for our daughter. Her years of MFT classes gave her a love for music and knowledge well beyond her years — knowledge of theory, reading, instrument naming and playing, and of the features of written and performed music. MFT’s unique approach made her learning enduring and gave her tools she now uses to teach her litte brother and friends how to read and play music in an engaging and fun way. My daughter is only six! I refer all our friends to MFT. Thank you, Music Fun Time for giving our daughter the lifelong gift of finding joy in knowing and learning music. We are so grateful we found your program.

My son has been a part of the Music FunTime program for a little over a year now. I’m amazed at how much he knows about music at such an early age. This is a wonderful program for teaching toddlers(and older kids) music!
Lauren Nuss

Miss Debbie takes the program very seriously along with making it fun and palatable for youth. Great way to seriously introduce you child to music at an early age.
Louis Bartella

Music fun time is a wonderful program. I was so surprised how quickly my daughter was responding to the program. Miss Debbie is an excellent teacher and my daughter not only learned so much but had fun while doing so. We unfortunately had to un-enroll due to unforeseen circumstances however we will certainly be back as soon as possible.
Jennifer Bartella

We love offering this program at our school. The professional music staff loves the curriculum and so do our students. Parents are beyond thrilled with the fact that their kids move from this program to private lessons….and they have touched and tried all the instruments ahead of time. Thank you Deb for providing this incredible program to private music schools. We are beyond appreciative.
Angela Floyd Schools

Miss Debbie has been an incredible teacher to my daughter these past couple of months and we can’t that her enough for believeing in these kids and the parents!. We are truly going to miss you and your guidance in our daughters music education.  we are so impressed with the Music FunTime program and hope we can find a place using in where we are moving to.
E. & P. Phillips

My son (age 3.5) joined Music FunTime almost three months ago. Over this time he developed more hand coordination. He enjoys music, especially he can feel and find the rhythm? and move or dance with it. He has more confidence to play drum, bells, sticks and started playing simple notes. I am impressed with his progress over this short period of time. Thank you all at the Music and Dance Academy.

Dr. Nakisa Mohsen Sheini

The Music FunTime programs fits beautifully into our educational model, which is based on strong fundamentals, positivity, and building sequenced skills towards mastery, while having lots of fun along the way. For beginner students ages 18 months to 7 years old, Music Fun Time offers the most age appropriate and comprehensive musical education we’ve seen – because it is so student oriented. The way Music Fun Time blends a piano based curriculum with other instruments like violin, guitar, and drums, and flutophones, along with music theory games, truly gets young students excited about music for life.

Cameron Tong

Irvine School of Music

My school has been licensed to teach Music FunTime since July, 2012. The children are loving the fun and the parents are impressed at the fundamentals of music that their children are learning. I love that the progressive syllabus is spelled out completely so there is no guess work on what to teach and in what order. The program comes complete with all of the materials and supplies. I also appreciate that it does not take a phd to teach Music Funtime. The content is easy to understand and present to the children. Our school has 3 Music Funtime teachers- one is a piano teacher, one a retired school teacher who enjoys music, and the last is a dance teacher. They have different backgrounds but get the same amazing amazing results. I am wowed that 3 year olds consistently know what a whole, half, and quarter note are. They call them by name and clap them in time. They also comprehend forte and pianissimo and the letters of the lines and spaces on the treble and base clef. All this and the children think they are playing!!! I am really looking forward to seeing the children progress over the years and specifically how easy it is to transition a young student into a private lesson, understanding music fundamentals and loving it!!!

Neisha Hernandez

Neisha's Dance and Music Academy

This program actually teaches children music. It is not just a play group. This is a wonderful program and would recommend any parent put their child in at a young age. The quicker you get started the better.

Nina Swedenburg

My boys both built a solid foundation that prepared them to excel with various instruments both in school and in private lessons. A great beginning for any child!

Melissa Berg

Just finished a phenomenal conference with Debbie, the owner of Music FunTime. She gave such an informative conference, I’m excited to come back and share all these ideas with my staff. The Music FunTime curriculum is the real deal with content for teachers to teach real music to kids starting at 18 months!!! This curriculum doesn’t exist anywhere else!

Lauren Kushins

Music Funtime Program is amazing! It has worked wonders for my little ones in helping them prepare for private lessons. Deb works relentlessly with customers to ensure success. I highly recommend Music Funtime as an absolutely start for early childhood. No other program comes close to MFT’s proven success.

Jolander Headley

We have been teaching Music FunTime for over 9 years at both of our studios in Virginia and parents are blown away by the fact that their 2 year old can understand the same music theory as a 7 year old. Two year olds that started Music FunTime nine years ago are still taking lessons today and are very strong musician. We love that Music FunTime uses the magical connection of math and science with music, making our students smarter and is no doubt a true success with this 96 week structured curriculum.

Quality Music & Dance

Mintons Academy of Music is proud to offer this program at our music school, we love it. Our parents are very excited that we have started a music program for the younger kids. They get to try so many different instruments and have fun doing it. Thank you Debbie for offering this incredible program to private music schools and for always being available to help.

The program is a perfect mixture of a set curriculum that still allows plenty of room for your individual creativity and ideas and personality.? And Deb has your back! She has always been there when I have a question with helpful input and ideas and encouragement.

Mintons Academy of Music

Have completed my first year of running and teaching Music FunTime. Ended up with a total of 16 kids spread over 3 classes. Was quite anxious about being able to do it, being 70 years old and never having done any music teaching akin to this. I feel I still have a lot of room for improvement, but can’t be doing that badly as no one has quit in the last? 8 months, not one!? And parents of current students are referring us to others. Also, two of the parents are taking guitar lessons themselves at my school now.

The program is a perfect mixture of a set curriculum that still allows plenty of room for your individual creativity and ideas and personality.? And Deb has your back! She has always been there when I have a question with helpful input and ideas and encouragement.

John Payne

As a result of our daughter?s music lessons with Music FunTime, she is more confident, communicative, and has developed an increased attention span, in addition to a growing appetite and appreciation for various types of music and musical instruments. All of this, and she is not even 2 years old! We are very much looking forward to continuing on this journey of discovery and learning with Music FunTime.

Emory and Kai Brown

We looked into several preschool music programs for our studios, many just seemed like play groups with singing and banging on instruments. After we found out about Music FunTime, we contacted Debbie Yakabosky, the creator. Debbie invited us to visit her studios in New Jersey to see her program in action and her students blew us away! They could read music! Her passion to her curriculum and students is amazing. She developed teaching tools and games that children love but more important the tools actually teach the children music notation and theory! We now have two year olds starting to play the piano?We are proud to offer Music FunTime at our studios and since we added the program in May 2011, our student count has increased significantly. Most important?the students continue!

Wayne & Muffy Hoover

Quality Music & Dance Center

We started a couple of Music FunTime classes in July 2012, and then went to our full schedule when school started in late August. By mid-September we had 30 students enrolled and had more than made back our initial investment. The classes are 1/2 hour long and we can get up to 6 students in one class, which makes it very profitable for us. We had tried to start a preschool music program before, and we never seemed to have enough time to prepare for classes. When we saw how detailed Music FunTime was, and how much thought & planning Debbie put into the lesson plans, we knew we had to try it. Debbie is very supportive, and we can get additional supplies and advice very quickly. Our students love the program because it?s so visual and hands on. It brings music notation and instruments to life. Parents like that their children can start learning music at such a young age & that they share in the process with their child. Our teachers like the progression of the curriculum and that all the hand-outs and worksheets come with the program. We have students in Levels 1-3, and some of our Music FunTime students now take private lessons with us. It?s natural for these students to continue their music education with our studio for years to come!

Vince & Eileen Spezialy

Anchorage Music & Dance Center

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